“Peacetime” in the Communist States:
Go to communiststats.com to see what your high school teachers failed to teach.
Communism was bad. And not just bad—it was very bad. At least 85-million corpses
bear this out. Some of these corpses form roadbeds in the Arctic Circle
(Soviet Union  [1]).  
Others have been ingested by starving relatives driven to cannibalism
(Cambodia, China, North
Korea, Soviet Union [2])
. Some people have served as pig food (Bulgaria [3]), while others have
served as fertilizer to nourish the crops
(Cambodia, China [4]). The strange thing is that all
this occurred within the last century—yet few young adults know the breadth and
scope of the horror. Please go to communiststats.com to see a brief, poignant
synopsis of what your teachers never taught.

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